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25th & 26th May, 2024


This weekend is an introduction to RocketBeats - a modern, dynamic and fun style of yoga originating in London with a growing community of practitioners and teachers in the UK and beyond.

What is RocketBeats?

With its roots in Rocket, RocketBeats is a challenging and fun, breath-based yoga practice, which is influenced by a range of yoga and movement modalities.


Instead of having set sequences, the RocketBeats style is based on 4 different ‘directions of travel’, each direction based around specific anatomical movements. The directions always stay the same but the sequences constantly change.  

  • UP - everything shoulders and upper body - arm balances, inversions, binds and more

  • DOWN - everything hips and lower body - standing balances, hip openers and more

  • FORWARDS - everything forward fold - hip compression, core engagement and pressing and more

  • BACKWARDS - everything front body opening - core stabilization, backbends and more


The idea is that you do each of the directions, and that by moving in every direction, you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and find your own balance between what you need and what you want. 


Balancing strength and flexibility is one of the hallmarks of an RocketBeats practice and every practice includes some killer drills helping practitioners work towards their optimum alignment in both simple and complex movements. 

Who is this suitable for?

This weekend is suitable for anyone who has a regular dynamic yoga practice and wants to do more. Whether you are a teacher or a serious yoga practitioner, this weekend will encourage you to find stillness through dynamic movement, helping you develop a well-rounded personal practice and maybe also giving you the tools to help others do the same.


What to expect from this weekend

This is a series of 4 x 150 minute sessions held over a single weekend. Each session is dedicated to a particular direction of travel - attend one session to get an idea of a single direction of travel or all 4 if you want a complete well-rounded practice. 

Each session consists of….

  • An introduction to each direction of travel

  • A direction-focused asana practice, UP, DOWN, FORWARDS, BACKWARDS

  • An introduction to RocketBeats strength and flexibility drills 

  • Q & A

UP is all about shoulder strength and flexibility. You can expect the asana practice to include A LOT of arm balances, inversions, transitions and binds and a mini workshop focusing on shoulder strengthening and opening so that you can refine your alignment and stability in every inversion (no more bananas!).

DOWN is all about hip strength and flexibility. You can expect an asana practice full of deep warriors, standing balances and hip openers and a mini workshop focusing on glute strength and hip mobility, essential if you wanna hold those complex standing balances for longer


-A focus on core strength and floating

FORWARDS is all about engaging the front of the body to open the back. You can expect an asana practice peppered with hip compression and deep core and a mini workshop full of drills to give you everything to improve your floating and pressing.


-A focus on backbends

BACKWARDS is all  about engaging the back of the body to open the front. You can expect a backbend focused asana practice and a mini workshop giving you all the glute engagement, core stabilization, spinal extension and shoulder opening drills to hold your well distributed backbends together with the strength they require and deserve


-A focus on hip opening


-A focus on arm balances and inversions


Date:  May 25 & May 26, 2024 (SAT & SUN)

Time:  10:00-12:30 &14:00-16:30



WORKSHOP 1- RocketBeats UP

Date:  May 25 (SAT)

Time:  10:00-12:30

WORKSHOP 2- RocketBeats DOWN

Date:  May 25 (SAT)

Time:  14:00-16:30


Date:  May 26 (SUN)

Time:  10:00-12:30


Date:  May 26 (SUN)

Time:  14:00-16:30

RocketBeats IMMERSION (Weekend Workshops)




Prana Yoga

3/F, Chinachem Johnston Plaza,
178-186 Johnston Road, 
Wan Chai




May 25th & 26th

Early-Bird Price (Register on or before 30 Apr, 2024)

HK$ 3,500

Regular Price (Registration from 1 May, 2024)

HK$ 4,500


Early-Bird Price (Register on or before 30 Apr, 2024)

HK$ 1,000

Regular Price (Registration from 1 May, 2024)

HK$ 1,250


Early-Bird Discount

Early-Bird Price is applicable on enrolment sent in on or before 30 Apr, 2024

Regular Price is applicable on enrolment sent in starting 1 May, 2024


  • Valid refund before 1 May 2024 will be subjected to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Photos and videos may be taken for marketing purposes.


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Run rocket teacher trainings and retreats around the world

Imi Wiseman and Alan Ellman are a teaching team originating from the Rocket tradition. They each have over 10 years of teaching experience and  have incorporated many movement modalities to create their own style of modern, dynamic - and fun - yoga. They are committed to challenging dogma, disrupting the norm and encouraging yoga teachers and practitioners to think for themselves too. 


Imi and Alan are based in London teaching at some of London’s leading studios. They also run RocketBeats Teacher Trainings in London and Retreats around the world.

RocketBeats ​IMMERSION
May 25 - 26, 2024

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