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Claire began her Yoga journey in 2018, diligently practicing and exploring her body's capabilities. Despite initially lacking high flexibility, she found that embracing her body's stiffness increased her self-awareness and allowed her to better understand her student's bodies. This insight enabled her to provide tailored strengthening and deep stretching exercises to support their individual needs.

In 2019, Claire completed the 200-hour Upeksha Yoga teacher training with Lawrence Pradhan, where she gained a solid foundation in alignment principles. This training equipped her with the necessary tools to guide students safely and effectively in their practice.

Continuing her commitment to growth, Claire completed the 300-hour advanced teacher training under the guidance of Samrat Dasgupta in 2021. This intensive training not only refined her asana practice but also deepened her understanding of yoga philosophy. She realized that yoga extends far beyond physical transformations, emphasizing the importance of listening to one's body and heart during asanas.

With her extensive training, including a comprehensive 500-hour yoga teacher certification, Claire possesses a wealth of knowledge in asana, pranayama, physical alignment, and the spiritual aspects of yoga teaching. Her passion lies in inspiring others to connect with their mind and spirit through the transformative practice of yoga. As a teacher, she believes that yoga is not merely about mastering advanced poses but, most importantly, about discovering one's inner self.

Claire is eager to share the beauty of yoga with individuals from all walks of life, fostering a deep sense of well-being and personal growth through their yoga journeys.


  • Hatha

  • Vinyasa

  • Yoga Wheel

  • Aerial 

  • Mat Pilates 


  • 200-hour Upeksha Therapeutic Approach Teacher Training with Lawrence Pradhan, 2019

  • 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Transcend - Glorify The Teacher with Samrat Dasgupta, 2021

  • 20-hour Wheel Yoga Teacher Training with Natalie Huang Huien, 2021

  • 30- hour Aerial Hammock Yoga Teacher Training with Yelena Tam, Aug 2021

  • 30- hour Aerial Yoga Teacher training level 1 with Amy Chiu, Nov 2021

  • 18- hour Tibetan Singing - Bowl Sound Healing Training with Chris Su Lic.Ac Yin, 2021

  • 100-hour Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Samantha Chan, 2022

  • 30-hour Practical Pilates  teacher training with AFAA, 2023

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