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*Class bookings: Please download the Prana Yoga App on Android / IOS to book classes

Typhoon 8 / Black Rainstorm Class Arrangements 

  • During Typhoon 8 signal / Black Rainstorm,all classes will remain suspended. 

  • If the T-8 / Black rainstorm is hoisted in the morning before the opening of the studio, the classes will resume 2 hrs after the signal is lowered.

  • Class credits will not be deducted if the members are booked into a particular class which is cancelled upon the hoisting of the signal 

  • If the Typhoon 8 / Black Rain signal is lowered after 4:30 pm, all the classes will remain cancelled for the rest of the day. 

  • Please call at 68912966 to check with us for any further enquiries if you plan to visit us during extreme weather arrangements.




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