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Bianca is passionate for music and dance. In her classes practitioners will experience the elements of  strength, rhythm and graceful movements to reach the unification of mind, body and soul. 


Bianca’s first time on the yoga mat was in 2004 and it made a remarkable transformation in her life - she didn’t only discover a stronger connection with body but gained control over her thoughts and become more attuned to her emotions. Yoga for her is a journey of evolution as it has taught her to embrace all the loving energies around her, and more importantly, led her onto the path of self-realisation.


Since her first teacher training in 2013 with Samrat, who sparked her passion for teaching and more studies, she has gone on to participate in numerous yoga competitions and won acclaimed championships. These challenges have taught her to overcome internal struggles, remain calm under pressure, and simply be her true self even in unfavourable conditions. She is thankful to have experienced these shifts and as a result, gained a new perspective on teaching. 


She is also grateful to her mentor Almen Wong for her guidance and encouragement to be a confident and compassionate person. Almen has taught her how to weave her own life experiences into her teachings in a way that engages the students and helps them grow.  


Bianca’s professional teaching journey started with  Pure Yoga 7 years ago . Her teaching is well known to help bring the students a mindfulness and joyful practice and build her sequence from gentle to more challenging ones to improve their flexibility, strength and concentration, while catering for the needs of practitioners of mixed levels and different backgrounds.


  • Aerial Arts 

  • Hatha

  • Hot Flow

  • Kid’s Yoga 

  • Pre & Post Natal

  • Stick Mobility 

  • Singing Bowl 

  • Sound Meditation 

  • Vinyasa

  • Yin Yang

  • Yin

  • Yoga Balance


  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Yelena Tam (30 hours), 2022

  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Joanne Wu (15 hours), 2022

  • Stick Mobility Teacher Training Level 1, 2022

  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Samantha Chan (100 hours), 2022

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Fundamental Level with Tsering (15 hours), 2022

  • Yin Yoga Teaching Training - Bones, Muscle 50 hours with Paul Grilley 2019

  • Yin Yoga ACU Teacher Training 65 hours with Jo Phee Yin Yoga 2019

  • Transcend Glorify The Teacher Within with Samrat Dasgupta (300 hours), 2018

  • Advanced Pranayama and Kriya Workshop with OP Tiwari, 2017

  • Acro Yoga Level 1 Teacher Trainin with Bonnie Argo, 2016

  • Mindful Birth Yoga, For Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Teacher Training with Michelle Papa & Jean Byrne (100 hours), 2016

  • Yoga for Children Teacher Training Level 1(for ages 5 to 8) with Karen Wightman (25 hours), 2016

  • Advanced Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training with Samrat Dasgupta (100 hours), 2014

  • Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training with Samrat Dasgupta (200 hours), 2013

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