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Lawrence Pradhan is an author and the visionary founder of Upeksha Yoga, a unique approach to yoga that emphasizes stepping back to gain a broader perspective. This practice has served as Lawrence's bridge to his highest intentions, and he is confident that the Upeksha method will help others discover their ultimate purpose as well.

Lawrence's distinct teaching style combines the biomechanics principles of alignment with heart-centered qualities. His dynamic and therapeutic approach aligns with the essential elements of spaciousness, strength, and softness.

Energetic, engaging, and challenging, Lawrence's classes embody the non-dual philosophy. He encourages students to pause, soften, and reconnect with the strength of their spirit. This mindful remembrance transforms their practice into a celebration of their innate goodness.


  • Hatha (Upeksha Method)

  • Vinyasa (Upeksha Method)

  • Advanced (Upeksha Method )

  • Therapeutics (Upeksha Method)

Short description of Upkesha Method: 

The purpose of the Upeksha method is to offer the knowledge on how to deconstruct and go back all the way to reclaim who we are and how to be part of the patterned/relative world without getting lost in the duality or patterned world. The Upeksha method invites you to remember the primary principle, which is, "Step back and Soften." See how things are place in their roles and purpose. When we zoom out and soften, it helps us to act with clarity and simplicity. When we participate with awareness, every step becomes letting go of what is not valid.


  • 6-Month Nondual Shaiva Tantra Philosophy Course with Christopher Wallis (Hareesh), 2016

  • Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation with Carlos Pomeda, 2008-2015

  • Therapeutic Teacher Training with Martin Kirk, 2012

  • Master Intensive Training and Master Immersion Training with John Friend, 2012

  • Therapeutic Teacher Training, Immersion I, II, III, Intensive Teacher Training, Intensive Studies, Tricara Immersion with Ross Rayburn, 2010-2015

  • Immersion Training with Patrick Creelman, 2009

  • Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 2007

  • Foundation Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman2007

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