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As a passionate yoga student for over 11 years of continuous studying in the various types of yoga and having more than 5 years of professional experience in designing and leading yoga classes, Samaksh's objective is to be a successful trainer in Yoga and contribute towards creating awareness among everyone about Yoga that helps in transforming the body and mind, as well as promoting well-being of the society. 

Samaksh has a unique was of leading students into deep forms with the help props , special drills and techniques. He guides students deeper into the poses safely and with breath awareness 
Samaksh also enjoys travelling around conducting workshops and offering his teachings to students of different experience and lineage



  • Foundation

  • Flow

  • Advance

  • Stretch


  • 200 hours Yoga teacher training (Hatha, Flow and Astanga), 2018

  • 300 hours Yoga teacher training (Hatha, Flow and Astanga), 2018


  • International champion of champion in Chennai 2018

  • International champion in Srinagar in 2017

  • National champion in Chennai in 2017 - 3rd prize

  • National champion in Palwal in 2016 - 2nd prize

  • CBSE championship in 2014, 2015

  • SGFI national in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

  • National champion in Goa in 2014 -1st prize

  • National champion in Odisha in 2013 - 1st prize

  • National champion in Kolkata in 2012 - 2nd prize

  • National champion in Kolkata in 2011- 2nd prize

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